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Education: Shaping The Future For Our Children

October 05, 20233 min read


With all of the changes that have occurred in the educational field in the last 2 years, it would be bold-faced lies to say that anyone has it figured out. Not even close. Not by a long shot. Parents and educators alike wonder what the future holds for their children and their students. Some perhaps less so than others, although others can recognize what's needed.

There are some key ideas that are alive today, that will carry well into the future. These skills will not only prepare your child or student for their future career - whatever that might be - but also for their future as an independent and capable individual. Isn't that what every adult wants (or should want), for every child they know? There's some skills that never die, in other words, and in our future - the only thing that is for certain is uncertainty.

A child smiling at her desk with a book learning from Star Students.

Skill #1 - Interpersonal Connections

This is not rocket science. How does the saying go? "No man is an island" or something like that. Teach your child how to "play nice" with others. They don't have to get along with everyone - in fact, it's better if they don't have a million best friends - but you do need to teach them how to communicate effectively, be respectful of others, and contribute to a community of sorts. Let them find their group - their tribe, if you will. No one (or, 99% of people, any way) does life alone.

Skill #2 - Problem-Solving

Oh boy. This is such a buzz-word in the educational space. But it's because it's true. Don't focus on teaching your children what to think. Instead, choose to teach them how to think. Sounds fairly simple, but it is, as always harder to put into practice. This means that you must not be the helicopter parent, that you have to, in some sense, allow your child to make their own choices.

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." – Lao Tzu

Skill #3 - Intrapersonal Abilities

Teaching your child to be in tune with themselves, to develop self-awareness at a young age, is a skill set so valuable that a lot of people charge exorbitant amounts of money for it. With good reason. It's an expensive skill set to develop, but it's more expensive not to.

Skill #4 - Technological Limitations

This is, at this point in time, a legitimate skill to have. Having what is termed "tech limits," being able to shut off the computer, tablet, phone, pager, and fax machine, and have the ability to continue to connect within the very real and concrete world we live in, is an ever-increasingly important skill to possess. It's best to start small, like by scheduling in regular "unplugged" time daily.

Skill #5 - Patience

You can not join your child in the water; you must be the lifeguard. As impatient as you may be, as a parent or educator, to help your child do everything the right and most efficient can't. We as humans don't learn that way; we never have, never will, and it is silly to think otherwise. As hard as it may be, you can only guide your children through life, not walk the road for them. Exercising patience, & modelling patience for your children, is a great place to start. After all, we learn by watching those who have gone before us.

Adaptability Is The Road To The Future

None of these skills involve book knowledge. All involve a hefty sense of personal responsibility, accountability, and - you guessed it, adaptability. Times are changing, and will continue to do so.

Giving your child the tools they need to succeed in their future has almost nothing to do with book knowledge, and everything to do with their ability to think on their feet.

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Kimberly Gawne

Founder, Teacher, & Instructional Specialist Specializations: IB Curriculum (Arts & Language), High School Arts & Language, Elementary (K - 8) Kimberly is the proud owner of Star Students and has always been driven by her passion for people and learning. From her younger days of exploring and discovering new ways to do things, her love for learning and connecting with people evolved into a desire to share her enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge. Teaching, for Kimberly, is a harmonious blend of these worlds, offering a platform where both student and teacher can embark on a transformative learning journey together. Drawing inspiration from her own educational experiences, particularly the challenges she faced in math and the unwavering support from her father, Kimberly founded Star Students. Her father's adaptability to her unique learning style and his relentless efforts to ensure her understanding have been pivotal in shaping her vision for Star Students.

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Star Students worked with our son for approximately 8 months. The intention was to help him get through the last few months of school and the summer, bring him up to grade level with his reading and math skills, and improve his work habits. Our son was showing a lack of enthusiasm for school, making it difficult for him to focus, and his frustration was evident when he needed to stretch himself to learn new things. It was also very important to us that he develop confidence in himself and his abilities, and this is where Star Students came in.

Star Students was able to assess our son’s needs and got him moving in the right direction almost immediately. Working with Star Students gave our son the support he needed to finish out the school year and start the fourth grade ready to learn. Instead of just teaching him, Star Students learned with our son in a way that focused on his strengths and interests. This made him far more open to learning, and this, for our son, was so essential to his ongoing success in the classroom.

Our son is doing fantastic at school now. He feels far more comfortable taking risks with his learning, and has taken huge strides towards his independent work habits and his motivation to learn.


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