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How Can We Change Things? Steve Hargadon

If you'd rather listen to the podcast than read the blog, click here for The Parents' Solution. The podcast drops December 20, 2022!

This week, on The Parents' Solution, I had an in-depth conversation with Steve Hargadon. Steve is an intellectual thinker who studies the education system and its alternatives. He is the founder and CEO of the Learning Revolution Project, and the host of the Future of Education interview series.

During the podcast we tackled the heavy question, "Why is change so difficult?" This is regarding foundational institutions such as public school. Steve explained that it's hard for people to buy into change for the following three reasons:

  1. It's hard to market to people 3-4 levels above their thinking. People often want a quick fix for their immediate situation, instead of looking at the solution that will positively affect the big picture - long-term.

  2. People like to follow, not lead.

  3. Humans evolved for success, not necessarily for truth.

  4. There is a story that a majority of people like to hear, even though it's not true. (The public school system sells the story of helping its students successfully graduate. Parents buy into that, even though we all know and have seen that very few students graduate high school as confident, competent adults.)

Steve is gifted at asking the deep questions with much thought and care. The responses that he has received, from key questions he has asked many educational groups in his studies, are very intriguing. The answers offer an honest look at the mainstream education system and its alternatives.

Steve talked about the fact that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to the issues that we see with the public school system. There are many variables to take into consideration. However for us to move forward, we have to be willing to experiment with the solutions that work best for each individual student. Because at the end of the day, we all want our children to succeed. #alternativeeducation #teachertalk #educationalternative #alternativeeducationmatters #educationalternatives #children #tutor #learningneverstops #continuouslearning #educationpositive #edutainment #deepwork #rethinkeducation #openlearning #rethinkingeducation #life_education #learningforjoy #eternalstudent #homeschooling #homeschoolinglife #homeschoolingrocks #teacherlove #education #learning #learn #businesspassion #businesslife #school #businessowners #entrepreneurlifestyle #build #teaching #ambition

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