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Loco Parentis: "In Place of a Parent"

If you'd rather listen to the podcast than read the blog, click here for The Parents' Solution. The podcast drops December 13, 2022! Contrary to what you may think, loco parentis does NOT refer to “crazy parent.” Loco parentis is the legal statement that when you drop off your child at school or at the early childhood center, you are effectively handing them over to a caretaker who will act “in place of a parent.”

What’s the Big Deal About Loco Parentis?

Loco parentis would be fine if the traditional school boards were actually acting in the best interest of our children. Unfortunately, they are not. And this is nothing new. The main function of these school boards is not to classically educate your child (i.e.: teaching reading, writing, math, life skills); the primary function of the government-regulated educational institutions is to fit children into the government’s idea of society.

It cannot be denied that children are being taught to critically think about topics in a way that best fits governmental ideals, specifically liberal ideologies and concepts. If your child thinks critically against certain social trends or reforms, they will be corrected, criticized, and possibly even shamed for their thinking.

The problem is simple: the original standard of loco parentis, a teacher being held responsible to do their best to teach and care for children with the same sacredness and compassion as the child’s own parents, is no longer in effect.

Modern Loco Parentis

With the recent strike in Ontario involving educators, custodians, and school administrators, you have to wonder just how much of this is for the student’s benefit. Not many people seem to be paying attention to the fact that, yet again, another school year has been disrupted. And we can’t blame COVID this time.

This time the school disruption comes down to what it has always been about – money. And more of it. There just never seems to be enough. And if it means that children’s education is to be put on a hold, if it means that parents are left without any alternative, if it means that college and university students have to forfeit the money they have already paid for tuition – then so be it.

Continuing along the previous train of thought - what about the fact that in public school systems, children are being taught curriculum that may be against their family’s beliefs and principles? If that is not enough, perhaps the fact that children are being passed from grade to grade without having a firm grasp on literacy, or mathematics, or science – should be enough to cause more than one raised eyebrow.

Every school year the public school system makes advertisements for parents to enroll their children in this government institution, promising that their students graduate brighter, more empowered, and hirable. Yet they ask for enrollments knowing that there is an impending strike. Students are guided into programs that are outdated and overrun, with few job opportunities. Instead of teaching children fundamental life skills, students are force-fed political agendas. There are more students in a classroom than one teacher can handle, not to mention the students with behavioural needs and physical disabilities who need one-on-one support.

Even in all this, the public school system still proudly boasts that it is the best education institution for your children. That somehow, it is fulfilling the responsibility of teaching your child to the same standard that you would.

Remember This

Whenever you question traditional schooling, or the intimidation that seems to come with enrolling your child into government schools, do not forget this important truth: school teachers and administrators are serving the parents, not the other way around.

You have every right as a parent or caretaker to dig into what your child is learning and question it. Decide for yourself and your child if what they are learning is age-appropriate and conducive to them.

Did I mention that you can have loco parentis revoked for your child at school? Because you can. There is some hard-to-get-ahold-of paperwork involved, but it is definitely an option.

The school curriculum is a one-size-fits-all idea which has stopped it from being a plausible solution. One size does not fit all because each child is different. Each child has strengths and weakness, interests, and dislikes. More than that, each child has potential – potential that cannot always be measured by standardized test results and overcomplicated exams.

You know which adult in their life has the best glimpse and understanding of their child’s potential? You. You, their primary caregiver, has the most knowledgeable idea of your child’s potential. Fight for it, because every child needs someone who is truly on their side; someone who truly has their best interest at heart.

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