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"Not a Real Teacher!:" Why Homeschooling is Under Attack

If you'd rather listen to the podcast than read the blog, click here for The Parents' Solution. The podcast drops April 4, 2023! While recording a recent podcast, I was told jokingly that I "[was] not a real teacher." It was an interesting statement to make, with a gross underestimation of the amount of professional training I have taken to get to where I am today.

But never mind all of that. If you do want to check out that episode...follow this link: 9: Why Some Parents Prefer Homeschooling - with Mrs. Kimberly Gawne by Legendary Educator (

What stood out to me is that the statement was made, following the idea that anyone who teaches outside of the public school system is not a real teacher. Because if you are a real professional, you should be working in a government-run institution, right?

What about private schools? What about online programs? And of course, the one that is closest to my heart - what about homeschools?

Yes, I have to respond. Alternatives are not less successful, just because they are different. To the contrary, alternative education produces more competent, capable, thinking adults than the public school system does. But more than that, I need to remind the naysayers and the believers - why parents can do a great job educating their children, even (dare I say it ?) better than some of the "professionals."

First things first, licensing and knowledge is important. I'm not saying that people who aspire to be classroom teachers should ignore the licensing process. What I am saying is that licensing is not everything.

As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that you need to be licensed to teach. And if you are not, then to be a good parent, you need to send your child to school. Then you need to go to work to make enough money to pay taxes to provide your children an education.

We have also been conditioned into believing that public school education is the only proper education, while anything else is sub-par. When we put those stereotypes aside, we discover the truth about what public school education is lacking and the real reason why homeschooling is under attack.

Homeschooling is under attack only because it is seen as a threat to the traditional public school system. It places parents in control of their child's education and brings the learning back home where it is supposed to be. Homeschooling strengthens family relationships because of the amount of time parents spend with children, and the amount of attention that parents give their child during learning.

Most importantly (and the greatest "danger") is that homeschooling (or alternative options) takes your child's mind out of the hands of the government. And that is the threat.

While public school education advertisements promise to cover basic learning, such as writing, arithmetic, critical thinking, and reading comprehension, the reality of the system is that basic learning is covered in a quagmire of political agendas, social brainwashing, and ridiculous teacher-to-student ratios.

Children are not getting the education they deserve because the system was not designed to provide quality learning. The system was designed to provide society with wage slaves. A majority of people who go to work don't question the rules, hate their jobs, and live for the weekend.

Now, let's take a jump off the deep end and think of the other side. You, the parent who have been raising and teaching your child from birth, endeavour to homeschool your child. You are involved in your child's education - they are genuinely educated, intelligent, have excellent communication skills, can think critically instead of simply regurgitating information, and love learning. Your child is taught life skills that will help them thrive and beat the monotony and paycheque-to-paycheque system of the average workforce.

Why is it critical to think about alternatives? Because every parent I talk to says their child hates school. Think about it. When was the last time you heard any child say they like school (even the popular kids)?

I have not had any parent tell me that their child hates learning. Because they don't. Children love to learn. It is an automatic part of their development. They are constantly learning skills, attitudes, cultivating expectations, gathering experiences and memories. Your choice of education for your child should not be based on government-induced stereotypes, but on real results that prove the quality of learning being offered.

Remember, in the same way you encourage your child to complete tasks by telling them they are able to do it, I encourage you. You are able to do it. You are able to find the option that works best for you and your child. You are able to make education a priority and to fight for the quality education your child deserves. You can do it, and if you need some guidance along the way? Star Students is here to help. #alternativeeducation #teachertalk #educationalternative #alternativeeducationmatters #educationalternatives #children #tutor #learningneverstops #continuouslearning #educationpositive #edutainment #deepwork #rethinkeducation #openlearning #rethinkingeducation #life_education #learningforjoy #eternalstudent #homeschooling #homeschoolinglife #homeschoolingrocks #teacherlove #education #learning #learn #businesspassion #businesslife #school #businessowners #entrepreneurlifestyle #build #teaching #ambition #embodiedlearnings #english #homeschool #learningisfun #language #montessori #growing #studying #knowledge #study #homeschoolmom #learning #education #homeschoollife #learn #teaching #students #preschool #teacher #school #iteachtoo #classroom #textbooks #iteachfirst #schoollife #homeschooling #montessoriathome #prek #parentsofinsta #simplehomeschool #tutoringservice #unschoollife #tutorsofinstagram #interactivelearning #teachyourkids #privatetutoring #parenttips #studentengagement #funlearningathome #learningexperience #instaparents #teachingkids #learninganddevelopment #homeschoolfun #parentsupport #parentslife #childledlearning #qualityeducation #learnandplay #homeeducator #homeschoolmama #parentinggoals #educationiskey #educationispower #parentsofinstagram #educators #handsonlearning #parents

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