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Optimal Education: Starting Over

This past week, on The Parents' Solution, I chatted with Tim Kelly, who is both an accomplished author and a natural health expert. Tim's ideas about alternative education, physical and mental health and fitness, and the economy at large are rooted in common practicality and functional solutions.

Tim and I chatted mostly about alternative education, and how his layout of a new, original system would create much more stability and structure, and encourage a communal lifestyle alongside individual growth.

Tim is the founder of Polytope Press, and he has written a sketch of the ideal educational system at his website: the article in question: Optimal Education.

This article holds the viewpoint that the current educational system has been deliberately designed to create wage slaves, not engage, empower, and enlighten. We as human beings could choose to create a system that makes everyone healthy, fit and free.


Tim is the author of Natural Healing Self Empowerment, which is one of the world’s most powerful health books by far! This book teaches not only the way to eliminate all diseases, allergies, and even the common cold, but how to regenerate the human body, like restoring hair color, hair volume, nails, vision, and teeth, via innovations in blood building. Tim has done health research for 20 years, learning from the best innovators of all time such as those in nutrition (Weston Price, Francis Pottenger, Max Gerson, Joel Wallach, Edward Howell, Gary Tunsky, and many more) and detox (Bernard Jensen, C Samuel West, Hulda Clark, and many more). Health is mostly about nutrition and detox, something few doctors learn in depth in school, and Tim's work shows how many ideas in nutrition are incorrect.

He has also authored the Optiflex booklet, teaching people how to attain optimal fitness at home using no equipment. Tim himself has exercised for decades, using free weights, Smith machines and nautilus, but ultimately created his fitness system to avoid gym costs and inefficiency. Optiflex involves intensity, combining anaerobic and aerobic exercise to boost both fast and slow twitch muscles, plus precision muscle targeting, all combined with optimal nutrition. In today's world where many are losing access to gyms, such systems are more relevant than ever.

Additionally, Tim has written the history text, Hidden History of Humanity, revealing sweeping new insights from Atlantis to the present, as well as designing a three dimensional periodic table of the elements, and writing articles promoting the technology to enable independent homesteads, plus the ideal production system: the template economy.

Tim has also written multiple novels. He has been a guest on The Authors Show, The Most Important People in the World, the Healthy Habit radio show, and more.

Why Is This So Important?

What Is The Goal of Education?

Where (And How) Do I Start?


Why Is This So Important?

Tim and I focused first and foremost on how the system at large conditions individuals for the position of a wage slave, instead of empowerment like it should be. This ultimately takes away power from the individual, when the goal should be to empower. We talked about how the current education system fits into this pattern, and what education should be instead - education for the love of education and learning, education as a classical education, and how this would result in betterment as an individual human being, rather than as a cog in the wheel we call progressive society.

There is no feeling quite like that of capability, of being able to provide for yourself and your loved ones, in as many ways as possible.

Why is self-sustainability important? It has always been important, but in today's precarious and unstable times, it's foolish not to create your own systems, systems that genuinely will benefit you, your loved ones, and potentially your immediate community.

What Is The Goal of Education?

Tim and I talked about this at length. The goal of education, for most people (and parents), is to "get a good job," by which we typically mean a job that is high-paying. But is that really what makes us as individuals happy?

"The more dependent you are on other people, the less chance you will be a moral person." And herein lies the answer - or what Tim and I construed as our answer. Connecting the idea of the system, to how society has evolved as a whole, created some conceptual questions for the two of us.

The goal of education, of the public education system, was, and still is, to make wage slaves. Why? Because wage slaves are dependent on a system for survival. When you have people who are dependent on a large, conglomerated system for their every need, you have a people who are malleable and in servitude. There is a saying, that modern slaves don't wear chains...they wear debt.

Regardless of the reasons for people being malleable, or why that would be the goal of the system itself, the fact remains that it is not morally correct. The solution Tim presented was focused on developing the stimuli of each individual, creating a tight-knit privatized creator community focused around the template economy.

Where (And How) Do I Start?

The Parents' Solution is focused on solutions for problems that present themselves to people, parents in particular. Tim and I talked about starting right from scratch, from the first moment of schooling. Replacing the current model of education with a more classical education would be the first step - we talked about how a classical education fires up an understanding of nature, a love of learning, and how we can encourage individuals to desire this sort of learning. We talked about learning about nature and the ways in which you can use it in a non-consumerist way. It is not so much about what you get for it, but what you become because of it. Tim's suggestion of and belief in the template economy is one of the best solutions that's been presented as an alternative to the fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle that is promoted by mainstream society.

Check out the full podcast here, or find us on almost any podcast streaming platform! This was an episode you don't want to miss!

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