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The Importance of Evidence-Informed Decision Making

If you'd rather listen to the podcast than read the blog, click here for The Parents' Solution. The podcast drops January 17, 2023!

This week, on The Parents' Solution, my guest was Dr. Matthew Courtney. Dr. Courtney is an educator, researcher, and policy maker who is dedicated to helping the education industry. Matthew began his education profession as an elementary music teacher. He now assists schools by using educational research and data to drive continuous improvement in school districts, schools and classrooms in order to help students

Matthew mentioned the importance of staying connected to the classroom as a policy maker, so that he can witness the reality of the teaching landscape for both educators and students. He explained that he had stepped into a policy maker role because of the frustration he experienced due to the lack of data and research being used in the school system.

Dr. Courtney said, “Continuous improvement takes a dose of humility.” And also shared that, “It’s that intentional evidence-informed decision making that really leads to lasting change.”

Matthew explained that the role of the parent is very important in the school-improvement process. He shared some valuable tips on how to approach your child’s teachers and school system in order to be heard and get the best results possible for the child in your care:

- ­Build a relationship with your child’s teachers

- Build a relationship with the educational body

- Know how to present yourself at educational-government meetings

- Make educational meetings a priority

Dr. Courtney brings experience and knowledge to the table as he teaches schools how to effectively utilize evidence-based data and reminds parents to be informed and have a say in their child’s education.

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