The Origin of Star Students – The Passion & Belief Behind The Business

Star Students was born out of a desire to help others. Parents, with managing their children’s school workload. Teachers, with sustaining a classroom that promotes quality education and collaboration. While these two groups of individuals are important, the ones who were top of mind with the creation of Star Students are the children, the students. They were the reason, they are always the primary concern, and they will continue to be the inspiration for why Star Students operates.

Star Students is a small, locally-owned tutoring business that marries a love for teaching with a passion for people. While all people are our business, students are our focus. As adults, it is obvious that we are all unique. Why are children any different? Each child learns in their own way, in their own time, and with a specific set of skills. Star Students' primary goal, along with academic achievement, is to build this set of skills. There is an old saying that is one of my favorites:

"Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you will feed him for a lifetime."

By building a skill set for a child, you not only are fostering their growth academically, but emotionally and socially as well. The importance of this, of nurturing critical thinking and problem solving skills, is shown in the difference between children who are confident, creative, and comfortable being uncomfortable, and children who are not. While each child travels a different journey, the end result is the same – an individual who is a passionate, diligent, risk-taker that takes life by the horns and conquers it.

Note that this idea of "taking life by the horns" is one that holds various meanings for different people, and rightly so. In general, the concept is given to mean an individual achieving success despite, or perhaps because of, the cards life has dealt to them.

Everyone's vision of success differs from that of their neighbor, and that does not make any ideas less valid. It makes our world the beautiful mesh of knowledge and creativity that it is today. Put simply, this is exactly Star Students' mission: to uphold values of academic integrity, knowledge, creativity, and thought. Each student receives more than academic support; they are also learning and improving upon crucial life skills that will support them later in life, whatever path they choose to take.

Thanks for reading! Next week we'll talk about the process we use, and how we get started with a student.

Every teacher has to have a general set of tools. Hence what you see behind me - paper, laptop, and writing utensils and accessories.
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