The Team

Kimberly Gawne owner of Star Students Online Tutoring company providing the best online education services to children kindergarden through grade 8 as well as high school
Kimberly Gawne
IB Curriculum (Arts & Languages), Elementary
I'm Kimberly, the owner of Star Students.

I have always had a passion for people and for learning. Growing up, I loved keeping busy and active with friends or by myself, and discovering new ways to do things.
As an adult, that love for learning and for people developed into a desire to share my enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge with others. Teaching combines the best of both worlds – and it is amazing what can be accomplished when both student and teacher embark together on a learning journey.

In both elementary and high school, I struggled with math. My father is truly a hero, for the countless hours he spent at the kitchen table with me, working through problem after problem, explaining things in various different ways and trying different methods so that I would understand. His ability to adapt to my specific learning style, and do whatever it took until I understood, was something that was so valuable to my own level of understanding.


I look back on those memories now and smile. It is from these early childhood and teenage years that I take my own inspiration for Star Students.

Star student private online education tutor specializing in IB curriculum sciences and mathematics as a biological sciences graduate working with children and young adults

Aleefa Devji

IB Curriculum (Maths & Sciences), Sciences, Mathematics

Hi there! My name is Aleefa!


I currently live in Edmonton, and am a Biological Sciences graduate from the University of Alberta, and am now studying to be a Respiratory Therapist.


I tutor because I love teaching and working with children and young adults.


In my free time I am a kickboxer and enjoy skiing and snowboarding.


Fun facts about me: I’m a published writer and have lived in 3 provinces within Canada!