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Tutoring Services - Exclusively Online

1:1 Setting Through A Personal Platform

Star Students is a tutoring company, providing stellar services to all students we come
into contact with. With an individualized program for each child, it is never too great a
challenge for Star Students to encourage a child to reach their full potential, and to
provide solid steps to getting them there.
As a closely knit company, Star Students operates on a first name basis with all of our
clients and students. Communication is paramount. We pride ourselves on the personal
touch we bring to every student, for every session. Teaching requires an innate
knowledge of children and their various lifestyle factors and personality differences. Star
Students brings a talented team to the table – we will match your child with the tutor
best suited to their specific needs, knowledge, and learning style.

Star Students Owner

Let's Meet

I'm Kimberly, the owner of Star Students.

I have always had a passion for people and for learning. Growing up, I loved keeping
busy and active with friends or by myself, and discovering new ways to do things. As an
adult, that love for learning and for people developed into a desire to share my
enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge with others. Teaching combines the best of both
worlds – and it is amazing what can be accomplished when both student and teacher
embark together on a learning journey.
In both elementary and high school, I struggled with math. My father is truly a hero, for
the countless hours he spent at the kitchen table with me, working through problem after
problem, explaining things in various different ways and trying different methods so that
I would understand. His ability to adapt to my specific learning style, and do whatever it
took until I understood, was something that was so valuable to my own level of
understanding. I look back on those memories now and smile. It is from these early
childhood and teenage years that I take my own inspiration for Star Students.


Our Services

Grades K-8

Private sessions and group sessions available, with personalized programs catered to each child's academic and social-emotional needs.

Packages available for multiple sessions purchased at once.

Grades 9 & up

Private Sessions

We offer 1-on-1 Private Sessions that cover any subject you or your child may need assistance with.


Your first session is on us, as a complimentary assessment, in order to determine in what direction the sessions will progress moving forward.

Group Sessions

These sessions are designed for students who are capable of maintaining a higher level of focus and don’t need continual assistance. Not as much 1:1 attention is provided; these sessions promote self-direction and independence.


The tutor is available to teach and help each student. There may be up to 3 students per group session.

High school, especially with the rise of online learning, can be a struggle. Each student faces different challenges, and so requires a distinct individualized approach.

Packages available for multiple sessions purchased at once.

How the Process Works

Star Students provides tutoring services through an exclusive and professional online platform, specifically designed by teachers for effective education. An official intake will be completed with parents to determine the direction in which sessions will progress.

The first session is always a little different than the following sessions; rapport with each
student is absolutely crucial to their desire to learn, and hence is the first and most
important part of the process.

For the following sessions, tutors will work intensively on skills that have been outlined
in an intake session. While the goal is school system support, Star Students’ contractors are
highly specialized and will incorporate other necessary skills as appropriate.



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Kim & Ken


Kimberly began tutoring our daughter starting when she was in grade 1. Our daughter required some additional help with her reading skills, and Kimberly was recommended by one of our friends. We were not disappointed. Kimberly has been able to customize our weekly lessons reflecting our daughter's progression, learning preferences and interests. We were also easily able to pivot to on-line learning resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our daughter, now in grade 2, has moved up 7 levels in her reading since beginning this school year.  We are very pleased with Kimberly's service and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Kim & Ken

We had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kimberly this past summer when our son needed tutoring in Math before heading into Grade 5. He was hesitant in getting help and was often resistant to going to his sessions with Kimberly. He would often arrive and give her a little attitude, I’m sure before they started.

Kimberly was always cheerful, pleasant and firm but kind with him and always coaxed him into starting with no problems at all.

Secretly we knew he really enjoyed his sessions and learning with Kimberly, as the complaining stopped. When we watched him from afar, he was always engaged and smiling while they were working together. This was due, in fact, that she knows how to work with children on their level, and she knows her Math!!!
We are happy to say he is on track this year and doing much better. I would highly recommend Kimberly and we will be calling her in the future if the need arises!!

Thank you Kimberly!!!!

Judy, Grant and Clark H

We could not be happier with Kimberly's abilities as a tutor.  Our child needed assistance with grade 10 math, specifically algebra, and we found Kimberly to be very knowledgeable.  She has a way to keep students engaged and focused throughout the session.  We found her to be punctual and prepared.  Kimberly was able to help bring our child's grade from a D- to a B in as little as 4 weeks!!!  She was able to easily identify where our son was struggling and prepared study lessons for him.  We appreciate the confidence she instilled in our child, and it was wonderful to see our child thrive again.  With the success of our oldest, we decided to enroll our younger child in her program.  She has helped sharpen his understanding in various subjects.  In these uncertain times, Kimberly has helped pave the way to a successful school year.  We are very thankful that we found Kimberly.  Her commitment and dedication to our childrens' academic success is priceless!



Kimberly worked with our son for approximately 8 months. The intention was to help him get through the last few months of school and summer, bring him up to grade level with his reading and math skills, and improve his work habits.  Our son was showing a lack of enthusiasm for school making it difficult for him to focus, and his frustration was evident when he needed to stretch himself when learning new things. It was also very important to us that he develops confidence in himself and his abilities, and this is where Kimberly came in.  She was able to assess our son’s needs and got him moving in the right direction almost immediately.

Working with Kimberly gave our son the support he needed to finish out the school year and start the 4th grade ready to learn. Instead of just teaching him, Kimberly learned with our son in a way that focused on his strengths and interests.  This made him far more open to learning, and this, for our son, was so essential to his ongoing success in the classroom.

Our son is doing fantastic at school now.  He feels far more comfortable taking risks with his learning and has taken huge strides towards his independent work habits and his motivation to learn. 

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