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Homeschooling & Tutoring Packages, Programs, & Services

Exclusively Online Through A Personalized Platform

Star Students provides stellar educational services to all students we come into contact with. Staff are certified and experienced teachers, with a minimum of a B.A., and ideally a B.Ed. With an individualized program for each child (or parent), it is never too great a challenge for Star Students to encourage a child (or parent) to reach their full potential, and to provide solid steps to getting them there.

As a closely knit company, Star Students operates on a first name basis with all of our parents and students. Communication is paramount. We pride ourselves on the personal touch we bring to every student, for every session. Teaching requires an innate knowledge of children and their various lifestyle factors and personality differences. Star Students brings a talented team to the table; we will match your child with the teacher best suited to their specific needs, knowledge, and learning style.

We’re a small, family-focused company that provides educational services – your one-stop shop for all things educational. We provide alternative and extracurricular learning solutions for parents with students in grades K - 12, for parents who are dissatisfied with the public or private schooling system, for whatever reason that might be. We provide homeschooling, tutoring, and teaching services and packages. We’re a virtual country-wide company with a hands-on approach, and we’re doing our best to make the world a better place to be, one child at a time. What makes us different from any other educational company is our personalized learning approach – we pride ourselves on inquiry-driven, student-led learning, and maintaining close relationships with all of our parents. We also differ from any other alternative educational company with our commitment to the instillation of values within children. I like to say that we educate, not indoctrinate. 


Homeschooling Programs - Students

This year, we've developed 3 exclusive homeschooling programs, designed for students age 8 - 16. All Canadian curriculum expectations will be met, with lots of room for inquiry-driven and student-led learning alongside! 

This program has been developed in collaboration with the parents already involved in these programs, but if you as a parent wish to be involved in curriculum development - we welcome your additions! At Star Students, we work with parents, not against them. Your children will thank you.

Curriculum will follow specific and general guidelines laid out for students to mirror that of public school peers' academic expectations - with us, you don't need to worry about whether or not your children are missing out academically, or if they're behind intellectually. We'll ensure we do our very best to work with your children to create a fun and engaging environment, in which they want to learn.

These programs runs Tuesdays & Thursdays, from 10:30 AM PST - 4 PM PST.

Coaching Programs - Homeschooling Parents

Whether you're just starting out on your homeschooling journey, or you're looking for some extra guidance and support along the way, we've got you covered.

Assistance in finding and developing personalized and holistic curriculum for your child

Guidance, expertise, and access to an entire
network of alternative (and traditional) educational professionals provided

Tailored direction with administrative (regulatory) paperwork as related to your child's educational journey

Grades K-8

Private and group programs available, with personalized education catered to each child's academic and social-emotional needs.

Packages available for multiple sessions purchased at once.

Private Sessions

We offer 1-on-1 private sessions that cover any subject you or your child may need assistance with.

Your first session is on us, as a complimentary assessment, in order to determine in what direction the sessions will progress moving forward.

Packages starting at $235 monthly.

Group Sessions

These sessions are designed for students who are capable of maintaining a higher level of focus and don’t need continual assistance.

Not as much 1:1 attention is provided; these sessions promote self-direction and independence.


The teacher is available to teach and help each student. There may be up to 3 students per group session.

Packages starting at $215 monthly.

High school curriculums and needs vary with each individual, so each group and private program is carefully designed with your child's needs in mind.

Packages available for multiple sessions purchased at once.

Grades 9 - 12

Tutoring & Teaching Services

How the Process Works

Star Students provides educational services through an exclusive and professional online platform, specifically designed by teachers for effective education. Whether we are starting a homeschooling program or providing tutoring services, an official intake will be completed with parents to determine the direction in which the program or sessions will progress. Personalized programs equates to a very individualistic approach.

The first session is always a little different than the following sessions; rapport with each
student is absolutely crucial to their desire to learn, and hence is the first and most
important part of the process.

For the following sessions, teachers will work intensively on skills that have been outlined
in an intake session. While the goal is school system support, Star Students’ contractors are
highly specialized and will incorporate other necessary skills as appropriate.

Our Process


We were luckily introduced to Kimberly in November 2020. My daughter Alexis started to do in person tutoring sessions with a friend for help in math. Kimberly was so wonderful with them. She kept both chatty girls on track, and was able to really help them understand. She was easily able to pinpoint where they were falling behind in class, and explain it and teach in a way they understood. 


It is so wonderful to see a child who has been struggling look at the same work differently. All the stress and anxiety it was causing melted away, and she has never been so excited to learn!

In January 2021 we started online sessions and my daughter has found them just as helpful. Kimberly has been able to continue to do the sessions with both girls, continuing to keep them engaged, making sure they understand the curriculum, and making it fun too. She has been a wonderful role model for my daughter, as no question goes unanswered. 


Kimberly is always eager to help with any other subjects they have questions about and would like to go over.  She also goes above and beyond, trying to make sure she can go over things before a test to keep the girls at ease! I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!

Thank you Kimberly!

Jamie and Alexis Gibson

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