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Star Students: Empowering the Next Generation. With a foundation built on personalized instruction, our certified educators are dedicated to understanding and nurturing each student's unique potential. Dive into a learning experience where every child is known by name and every lesson is tailored to inspire.

Kimberly Gawne, Founder and Instructional Specialist at Star Students, passionate educator specializing in IB Curriculum, High School Arts & Language, and Elementary education.

Kimberly Gawne

Founder, Teacher, & Instructional Specialist

IB Curriculum (Arts & Language). High School Arts & Language. Elementary (K-8)

I have always had a passion for people and for learning. Growing up, I loved keeping busy and active with friends or by myself, and discovering new ways to do things.As an adult, that love for learning and for people developed into a desire to share my enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge with others.

Teaching combines the best of both worlds – and it is amazing what can be accomplished when both student and teacher embark together on a learning journey.

In both elementary and high school, I struggled with math. My father is truly a hero, for the countless hours he spent at the kitchen table with me, working through problem after problem, explaining things in various different ways and trying different methods so that I would understand.

His ability to adapt to my specific learning style, and do whatever it took until I understood, was something that was so valuable to my own level of understanding. I look back on those memories now and smile. It is from these early childhood and teenage years that I take my own inspiration for Star Students.

Tycon Allwood

Instructional Specialist: High School English, K - 8 Instructor ​

Tycon Anthony Allwood, born in St. Mary, has lived in various parishes including Portland, St. Andrew, and St. Catherine. He briefly stayed in St. Ann while teaching at Aabuthnott Gallimore High School. Now, he teaches English Language and Literature at Maggotty High School in St. Elizabeth.

In 2000, he attended the Presidential Classroom Future World Leaders Summit in Washington D.C., gaining insights into the U.S. government's operations. He contributed to trade strategies that were approved at the Summit.

Starting his teaching journey nineteen years ago, he graduated from Mico Teachers College with an Education Diploma. He's now enrolled at the University of Technology, Jamaica, aiming for a Bachelor's in Media and Communication.

A devout Christian, Mr. Allwood's faith guides his actions. He enjoys reading, trivia Buttongames, and nature.

Tycon Allwood, Instructional Specialist at Star Students, expert in High School English and K-8 instruction, devout Christian, and avid reader with nearly two decades of teaching experience.
Aleefa Devji, Instructional Specialist at Star Students, expert in IB Curriculum for Maths & Sciences and High School Sciences & Mathematics, kickboxer, and published writer.

Aleefa Devji

Instructional Specialist: IB Curriculum (Maths & Sciences), High School Sciences & Mathematics ​

Hi there! My name is Aleefa! ​ I currently live in Edmonton, and am a Biological Sciences graduate from the University of Alberta, and am now studying to be a Respiratory Therapist.

​ I tutor because I love teaching and working with children and young adults. ​ In my free time I am a kickboxer and enjoy skiing and snowboarding. ​ Fun facts about me: I’m a published writer and have lived in 3 provinces within Canada!

Ermal Hoxha

Physics, Sciences, Mathematics

With a true passion for the world of numbers, Ermal Hoxha is a dedicated math teacher who believes in the transformative power of mathematics education. Armed with a Master degree in Mathematics from University of Tirana, as well as a Masters of Science from the same, he has more than 70 years of experience inspiring students in the art of problem-solving.

Ermal fosters a growth mindset in his students, making math relatable and engaging by weaving real-world applications into their lessons. He is known for his innovative teaching methods and fostering attitudes of success in his classroom, so every student feels confident tackling math challenges.

Lindsay Rose, Instructional Specialist at Star Students, expert in K-8 Technology Teaching and Middle Childhood instruction, dedicated educator from Dayton, Ohio, with a focus on hands-on learning and real-world applications.
Lindsay Rose, Instructional Specialist at Star Students, expert in K-8 Technology Teaching and Middle Childhood instruction, dedicated educator from Dayton, Ohio, with a focus on hands-on learning and real-world applications.

Lindsay Rose

Instructional Specialist: K-8 Technology Teacher, Middle Childhood (Gr. 3 - 9): Math, Language Arts, & Reading

Lindsay grew up in a rural Ohio community, always dreamt of teaching since her elementary days. Holding a Bachelor's in Education from Wilmington College, she specializes in Math and Language Arts. Now a teacher in Dayton, Ohio, she boasts five years of teaching and three years of tutoring experience.

She excels in introducing diverse math strategies, connecting real-world scenarios through language arts, and emphasizing hands-on projects. Lindsay encourages students to persevere through challenges, assuring them that practice makes perfect.

Her forte lies in tutoring elementary and middle school students in Math and Language Arts.

Georg Weitz

Instructional Specialist: IB Curriculum (Maths & Sciences), High School Sciences & Mathematics, Languages (German)

Hello, I'm Georg, originally from Germany. At four, I lived in New York for 1 ½ years and returned to the U.S. at sixteen for a year of high school. These experiences led me to pursue an IB diploma alongside my German high school diploma.

Passionate about sciences, I'm in my third year studying physics at TU Dresden, Germany. As I delved deeper into Mathematics and Physics, I discovered a clear, beautiful structure that wasn't highlighted in high school.

I'm convinced that with the right guidance, anyone can grasp the simplicity of these subjects. My aim in tutoring is to demystify math and physics.

Additionally, I offer German tutoring aligned with the Goethe Institute standards.

Georg Weitz, Instructional Specialist at Star Students, expert in IB Curriculum for Maths & Sciences, High School Sciences & Mathematics, and German language instruction, passionate physics student at TU Dresden with a mission to demystify complex subjects.
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About Us

Star Students is a family-focused educational company dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences for students in grades K-12. Our team of certified and experienced educators, all holding a minimum of a B.A., crafts individualized programs to help every child and parent reach their full potential. We understand the unique needs of each learner, ensuring a perfect match with a teacher who resonates with their learning style. Beyond academics, our commitment lies in instilling genuine values without indoctrination. As a virtual, country-wide entity, we offeVideor homeschooling, tutoring, and teaching packages, all while fostering close-knit relationships with our families. Choose Star Students for an inquiry-driven, student-led educational journey.

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Welcome to Star Students, where your child's academic success and well-being are our top priorities. Our team of dedicated educators, with expertise in various subjects, is passionate about fostering a love for learning in every student. We understand that each child is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet their individual needs. Whether it's mastering math or enhancing reading skills, we're here to guide and support. Connect with us for a free consultation or assessment, and let's discover together if we're the perfect fit for your child's educational journey.

Our Learning. Our Family. Our Community.

At Star Students, our tutoring is tailored, focusing on individual growth. Our students, diverse and driven, are at the heart of our mission. Together, we're building a community of confident, thriving learners.

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Individual & Group Tutoring

Star Students offers tailored individual tutoring to cater to unique learning needs, ensuring personalized attention. For those looking for collaborative learning, their group tutoring sessions provide an interactive environment with peers, fostering teamwork and shared knowledge.

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Homeschooling Programs

At Star Students, our bespoke homeschooling programs cater to each child's unique learning style and pace. With a focus on holistic development, we ensure every student meets academic milestones while growing with confidence and curiosity. Dive into a world where education is tailored and transformative.

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Parents Tutoring & Homeschool Coaching

Empower your child's learning journey with Star Students! Dive into our tailored homeschooling coaching and tutoring sessions, designed to provide parents with the tools and strategies to guide their child's education. Let's make learning at home effective and enjoyable!

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What is the mission and vision of Star Students?

Star Students is dedicated to providing stellar educational services tailored to each individual's unique learning needs. Our mission is to empower students to reach their full potential through personalized instruction. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach, emphasizing inquiry-driven, student-led learning, and fostering close relationships with both parents and students.

How does Star Students differentiate from other online tutoring platforms?

Star Students stands out with its commitment to a personalized learning approach. Unlike many platforms, we operate on a first-name basis, emphasizing open communication and a personal touch for every session. Our team consists of certified and experienced teachers, ensuring that each student is matched with an educator best suited to their specific needs and learning style.

What subjects and grade levels does Star Students cater to?

We serve students in grades K-12, offering homeschooling, tutoring, and teaching across various subjects, tailored to each student's grade level.

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What Our Families are Saying

We were luckily introduced to Star Students in November 2020. My daughter Alexis started to do in person tutoring sessions with a friend for help in math. Star Students was so wonderful with them. She kept both chatty girls on track, and was able to really help them understand. She was easily able to pinpoint where they were falling behind in class, and explain it and teach in a way they understood.

It is so wonderful to see a child who has been struggling look at the same work differently. All the stress and anxiety it was causing melted away, and she has never been so excited to learn!

In January 2021 we started online sessions and my daughter has found them just as helpful. Star Students has been able to continue to do the sessions with both girls, continuing to keep them engaged, making sure they understand the curriculum, and making it fun too. Star Students has been a wonderful role model for my daughter, as no question goes unanswered.

Star Students is always eager to help with any other subjects they have questions about and would like to go over. Star Students also goes above and beyond, trying to make sure she can go over things before a test to keep the girls at ease! I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat!

Jamie and Alexis Gibson

Five shining stars symbolizing the top-rated excellence and satisfaction of Star Students' services.

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