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Star Students offers the best online tutoring services and homeschooling personalized curriculum, focusing on providing exceptional learning experiences for K-12 students. Our team of certified educators, all holding at least a B.A., develops affordable K-12 tutoring and online homeschool programs tailored to each student's unique needs. We ensure a perfect match between learners and expert tutors for elementary, middle, and high school students. Our virtual, nationwide services include collaborative learning for students, online homework help, and homeschool coaching services. We prioritize genuine values without indoctrination, fostering close-knit relationships with families. Choose Star Students for an inquiry-driven, student-led educational journey and the best online homeschooling programs.

Our Mission

At Star Students, we are committed to enhancing the learning experience through personalized learning, hands-on approaches, and fostering close relationships with families. We offer the best online tutoring services and homeschooling personalized curriculum to ensure academic excellence and emotional growth for all our students. Our goal is to provide affordable K-12 tutoring and online homeschool programs that cater to the unique needs of each learner, promoting both academic and personal development.

A mom searching online for the best online tutoring services and personalized homeschooling curriculum, exploring options for affordable K-12 tutoring, online homeschool programs, and expert tutoring for elementary students.
Math equation being written on paper during an online homeschool class, illustrating the interactive and personalized approach of the best online homeschool programs for K-12 tutoring. This scene reflects the hands-on learning experience offered by expert online tutoring for elementary and middle school students.
Multiple kids excitedly looking at a laptop during an online tutoring session, engaged in collaborative learning for students. The image reflects the enthusiasm for online homeschool programs and the benefits of interactive, expert tutoring for elementary and middle school students.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every student thrives academically and personally, supported by the best online tutoring services and homeschooling personalized curriculum. Our goal is to provide affordable K-12 tutoring and online homeschool programs that empower students to reach their full potential, fostering both academic success and personal growth.

Kimberly Gawne

Founder & Educator, IB Curriculum (Arts & Linguistics), High School Language & Arts, Elementary (K-8)

I've always been passionate about people and learning. I enjoyed being active and exploring new methods. This passion evolved into a wish to impart my skills and enthusiasm to others.

The blend of learning and guiding others is the essence of teaching, which can lead to incredible achievements.
Both in elementary and high school, math was a hurdle for me.

My father, my hero, spent countless hours explaining problems in various ways to fit my learning style. This made a significant difference in my understanding. Those valuable memories inspire my approach to Star Students.

Kimberly Gawne, owner of Star Students, engaging with a student or discussing homeschooling personalized curriculum. She is showcasing her role in providing expert tutoring and homeschool coaching services, emphasizing the benefits of online homeschool programs and coaching parents for homeschooling.
Tycon, a high school English teacher with experience in K-8 education, provides expert tutoring for high school students and personalized curriculum support. His role highlights the value of collaborative learning and coaching parents for homeschooling.

Tycon Allwood

High School English,
K - 8 Instructor ​

Tycon Anthony Allwood, a native of St. Mary, has resided in several Jamaican parishes and taught at various schools, including Aabuthnott Gallimore High School in St. Ann and currently, Maggotty High School in St. Elizabeth.

In 2000, he participated in the Presidential Classroom Future World Leaders Summit in Washington D.C., influencing the approval of trade strategies. His teaching career began nineteen years ago when he graduated from Mico Teachers College.

Now, he's pursuing a Bachelor's in Media and Communication at the University of Technology, Jamaica.

His Christian faith is his guiding principle, and he cherishes reading, trivia games, and nature.

Aleefa Devji

IB Curriculum (Maths & Sciences), High School Sciences & Mathematics ​

Hi there! My name is Aleefa! ​ I currently live in Edmonton, and am a Biological Sciences graduate from the University of Alberta, and am now studying to be a Respiratory Therapist.

 I tutor because I love teaching and working with children and young adults. ​ In my free time I am a kickboxer and enjoy skiing and snowboarding. ​ Fun facts about me: I’m a published writer and have lived in 3 provinces within Canada!

Aleefa, an expert tutor specializing in IB curriculum mathematics and sciences, teaching high school sciences and mathematics. Her expertise supports students through top-tier online tutoring for high school students, enhancing their learning experience with personalized coaching.
Ahsan, an expert tutor specializing in IB curriculum math and sciences, providing online tutoring for high school students in both sciences and mathematics. He offers personalized coaching for students in these subjects, showcasing his role in delivering high-quality education through online homeschool programs.

Ahsan Khan

IB Curriculum (Maths & Sciences), High School Sciences & Mathematics ​

Ahsan, with a Master's from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor's in Finance from Mount Royal University, has always been focused on quantitative subjects.

 In high school, he pursued advanced math and sciences to keep his career options open. As a university student, he led the finance club and offered weekly help sessions for peers, emphasizing the importance of a strong foundation in sciences and math.

Outside of academics, Ahsan enjoys playing board games, dodgeball, and competitive card games.

Lindsay Rose

K-8 Technology Teacher, Middle Childhood (Gr. 3 - 9): Math, Language Arts, & Reading

Lindsay, an Ohio-born educator, dreamed of teaching since childhood. She holds a Bachelor's in Education from Wilmington College, specializing in Math and Language Arts.

She's currently an experienced teacher in Dayton with five years of teaching and three years of tutoring under her belt. Skilled in introducing varied mathematical strategies, connecting real-world concepts via language arts, and enhancing hands-on projects, she encourages students to overcome hurdles, reinforcing the principle that practice yields perfection.

 Her expertise is tutoring elementary and middle school students in Math and Language Arts.

Lindsay, a K-8 Technology Teacher specializing in Math, Language Arts, and Reading for grades 3-9, offering expert tutoring and support for K-12 students.
Ermal, a dedicated teacher specializing in Physics, Sciences, and Mathematics, providing expert tutoring for high school students. His role emphasizes the importance of high-quality online tutoring for middle school and high school learners in these subjects.

Ermal Hoxha

Physics, Sciences, Mathematics

With a true passion for the world of numbers, Ermal Hoxha is a dedicated math teacher who believes in the transformative power of mathematics education.

Armed with a Master degree in Mathematics from University of Tirana, as well as a Masters of Science from the same, he has more than 70 years of experience inspiring students in the art of problem-solving.

Ermal fosters a growth mindset in his students, making math relatable and engaging by weaving real-world applications into their lessons.

He is known for his innovative teaching methods and fostering attitudes of success in his classroom, so every student feels confident tackling math challenges.

Andrea Harris

Middle Childhood Teacher (Gr. 3-9): Tech, Math, Language Arts, Reading

Since 2001, Andrea has been a K-6 teacher in the Thames Valley District School Board, with degrees from Western University and OISE, University of Toronto.

She also holds a Special Education Specialist designation and has spearheaded various student initiatives within the TVDSB.

However, due to public education issues, she plans to leave TVDSB by 2022 and focus on homeschooling her three daughters. She has started a business to help parents transition to home education and partnered with Star Students to provide tutoring beyond government restrictions.

When not working, she enjoys nature, reading, and beach trips with her daughters. Recently, she moved from Ontario, Canada to southwest Florida.

Andrea, a Middle Childhood Teacher specializing in tech, math, language arts, and reading for grades 3-9, providing personalized instruction in online homeschool programs. Her expertise supports collaborative learning for students and highlights the benefits of online homeschooling for middle school students.
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Christine Lucenas

Virtual Assistant

At Star Students, our VA, Christine, epitomizes the dedication and ethos we cherish.

Christine's exceptional organization and communication skills, adaptability, tech-savviness, and understanding of student and parent needs make her indispensable to our team.

Her commitment to excellence is seen through her efforts to maintain high-quality services.

Christine is not just a virtual assistant at Star Students; she's a treasured team member.

Her contributions inspire trust and admiration and demonstrate how dedication, skill, and a passion for education can significantly enhance the learning experience.

Alarica Reichert

Digital Presence & Digital Strategist 

At Star Students, Alarica's creativity and digital skills have been instrumental in shaping the company's online presence and growth.

Her unique mix of talent and dedication has defined the firm's digital identity and engagement efforts.

Alarica's journey showcases her extraordinary skills and dedication. Her influence extends beyond professional duties, serving as an inspiration and beacon of trust within the community. With her passion for digital content and social media, she has significantly impacted the educational field.

Her role at Star Students goes beyond her job designation, exemplifying her impressive capabilities and the deep respect she commands within the organization.

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