Learning For...What?

The current public school system leaves much to be desired in regards to learning.

 Boy, what a blanket statement.

 Let me be specific – the public schooling system that is offered in Western education is massively inefficient for the following reasons:

 1) Children, particularly high school students, are taught one thing, for a (too) short period of time, before being tested in an arbitrary manner.

 2) Regardless of what grade is received on any of these arbitrary tests or examinations, students pass through to a new unit, level, or grade.

 These sorts of flaws in Western education are not the fault of the teachers themselves, or the students, or even the administrators that perpetuate such a system – they are, after all, only doing their jobs. They certainly are complicit in the problem itself, but the actual fault is not their own. It’s not any one such person that can be blamed for such a large-scale failure, but, rather, the lack of proper infrastructure and the unforeseen exponential growth within the structure of public education.

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“The public education system does not teach students to learn. It teaches them to learn to forget.”

 This brings up the delicate question of what, exactly, the public school system is for, if not for the purpose of education. That’s another topic for another post, but to the extent in which we are talking about it, let us say it serves the purpose of childcare for working parents.

 How can you, as a parent, combat this sort of systemic failure within your own limited capabilities?

 Encourage learning for the sake of learning, and don’t focus so much on a stated goal, a learning objective, or a specific mission of sorts for your child. Remember the joy of learning for children, the wonder and amazement that they look at the world with. Young, impressionable minds, eyes, and ears experience life differently than we as more experienced adults do.

When you as a parent spend time with your child, doing things, going places, and sharing experiences with them, instead of for them, you’re encouraging their own learning journey. Sure, it might be uncomfortable at first for them, but you as a parent walking along with them in that experience model perseverance and integrity. That is one of the best things your child can see from you. Children learn a world more from actions than they ever will from words.

 Encourage your children to learn for the sake of learning, to gain knowledge, to experience the world in a more enlightened way.


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